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For taxis from outside the Nice urban area

Annual badge/Card of 10 parking authorisations


Outside taxis can access privileged loading and unloading of passengers zones. To access these areas, each outer taxi must have an access track. This access is to purchase an annual badge, valid from 1 January to 31 December each year or buy a card valid for 10 airport access.

Badge price

Macarons at 01/01/2016 : € 290.00 € 348.00 excl VAT rate in 2016

Price of the card of 10 parking authorisations

01/01/2014 at card 10 passes: € 57.50 € 69.00 excl VAT rate in 2016

Terms and conditions:

To get this badge or card, you must justify the occupation of taxi by your business card valid. Only your commercial vehicles can benefit from this access. This is why you must provide us with any purchase of badge or card photocopy of your vehicle registration which shall contain a reference to your profession and the municipal permit.

Consult   List of Documents required

Contact the bus station managers:

  • By telephone on 00 33 4 93 21 30 89 (terminal 1) or 00 33 4 93 21 34 99 (terminal 2),
  • By fax: Terminal 1: / Terminal 2:
  • Email :
  • By Internet : click here