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NAMA : the performance optimiser

From africa to asia, from the mediterranean to the caribbean, nama - the development arm of aéroports de la côte d’azur - has got around a lot since it was first set up, carrying in its luggage all the know-how of a major european airport company: aéroports de la côte d’azur, france’s second largest airport group. We recruit our key strengths - our trainers, consultants and managers- within in own staff.

All have accumulated flying hours in their own fields, vital experience that we offer the investors and airport owners and/or managers who are our clients. Our experts follow various routes.  As instructors they provide specialist and tailored training courses, sharing with your staff the good practices, skills, tools and information they use themselves every day at one of the Group’s Airports on the Côte d’Azur. As co-pilots they work beside you, delivering consultancy services and support for your development projects. And finally they can also manage the airports we hold on a concessionary, co- management or acquisition basis. In all cases, our specialists will help you optimise your performance and raise it to a new level.

Our Expertises

  1. Training
  2. Consultancy
  3. Management