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Exchange & VAT refunds

Tax refunds & banks

Terminal 2 - Floor 0
Opening time : Closed
Phone : 04 89 98 50 81


INTERCHANGE offers you currency exchange, VAT refund and Western Union money transfer services. The office is open every day in the check-in hall at Terminal 2.

//////////////// COVID-19  : Interchange will unfortunately remain closed until further notice ////////////////

Currency exchange

INTERCHANGE offers a wide range of currencies, to buy and sell. With the "Buy Back Guarantee” option, INTERCHANGE also offers you the chance to buy back the currencies that you haven’t used, at the same rate as at the time of purchase. You can also order your currency online before coming to the airport. More information can be found at

VAT refunds

If you are not a national of a European Union country and you have purchased goods in France before your departure, you can benefit from a VAT refund under certain conditions. After validating your purchase statements on the Pablo terminal or at the airport customs office, go to the nearest INTERCHANGE office to claim your VAT refund.

To qualify for a tax refund with INTERCHANGE at Nice Côte d'Azur Airport, and before entering the reserved area and passing through the security checkpoints, you must follow these steps:

  • Declare your goods and get a stamp from the customs office (or on the Pablo terminal) in the Arrivals Hall
  • Claim your refund from the INTERCHANGE office.

Money transfers

INTERCHANGE is a Western Union agent and enables you to send or receive money easily to/from the country of your choice.