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Terminal 2 - Floor 2
Email :
Phone : 04 93 55 95 08

At LOBSTA, lobster is king!

A new pop-up with lobster, the king of crustaceans, taking pride of place. The arrival of LOBSTA in the Terminal 2 check-in hall (an area open to the general public) sees Nice Airport succumb to the latest street food trend.

At long last the opportunity to enjoy Lobster Rolls, those delicious creations made with buttered and toasted artisanal bread, filled with lobster meat and seasoned to taste! Original with lemon butter, niçoise with garlic mayonnaise, tarragon and even black truffle versions will not be the only things on the menu.

Here the famous transatlantic speciality also comes in equally gourmet variations that will delight salmon or shrimp lovers. Visitors to Nice Airport partial to seafood will also love the Red Label Scottish salmon tartar and the mouth-watering salad... lobster, of course.

Wood, marble, azure blue and touches of greenery: this new haunt in Nice Airport Terminal 2’s universe unfolds into a décor as warm as it is contemporary, in which delicious shellfish reign supreme.

Menu Lobsta