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Joe & The Juice

Restaurants & Bars

Terminal 2 - Floor 3 - Nearest gate: A04
Opening time : from the first to the last flight

Joe & The Juice in Nice Côte d’Azur Airport Terminal 2

Good news for juice lovers!Joe & the Juice is coming to the departure lounge in Nice Airport Terminal 2.

While waiting for a flight, nothing beats a cool, refreshing drink. A good reason to treat yourself to a fruity break at Joe & The Juice! Located in the heart of Terminal 2, the store will delight juice and smoothie lovers.

Fresh, natural and healthy products that passengers can savour in a cosy, modern and sleek setting: Sports Juice (pineapple, apple and passion fruit), Joe’s Green Mile (avocado, apple, lemon and broccoli), Jus d’Amour (strawberry, banana, passion fruit, pineapple and apple)… So many drinks for you to (re)discover on the Joe & The Juice menu. For travellers from Nice Côte d’Azur Airport, the brand also concocts delicious sandwiches.

Joe & The Juice was founded in Denmark in 2002, a concept that enjoyed early success in its home country before conquering the Scandinavian airports. With it’s contemporary and cosy vibe, you have a coffee shop experience combined with a fast food eatery.

So take a moment to spoil yourself in Nice Côte d’Azur Airport: let yourself be tempted by Joe & The Juice!