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Bellota Bellota Salle A

Restaurants & Bars

Terminal 2 - Floor 2 - Nearest gate: A15

Iberian delicacies at Nice Airport! 

Spain is coming to Nice Côte d'Azur Airport with tempting creations from Bellota-Bellota, the specialist brand already well known to gourmets!

Notice to all Spanish food aficionados, Terminals 1 and 2 boarding areas now have a new pop-up store that gives pride of place to ham, the icon of Iberian cuisine. But not just any old ham: at Bellota-Bellota, the precious World Heritage listed product always comes from 1 of 4 PDO regions (Protected Designation of Origin), is made from famous pure-bred Pata Negra pigs and painstakingly matured.

So Bellota-Bellota can boast that the hams it offers in all its shops around the world come with complete traceability guaranteed. Bellota-Bellota adds ‘Iberian charm and flavours’ to the hottest gastronomy around the world, from Paris to Hong Kong!   

What better than outstanding products on a gourmet menu. In the departure lounges of both Nice Airport terminals, passengers have a choice between tasty tostados and the inevitable bocadillos - true gourmet sandwiches! - or creative salads for a lighter bite. The curious will succumb to platillos, a subtle marriage of crushed potatoes and delicate Iberian nuggets.

Close your eyes and there you are, instantly deep in the heart of Barcelona's famous La Boqueria!