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Terminal 1 - Floor 2 - Nearest gate: B42
Opening time : 6am through to the last flight/6am to midnight

Come and enjoy the modern, designer, bright setting of the Riviera lounge in the Terminal 1 International zone.

Relax, and admire from afar the scene on the airport runways, a foretaste of your trip.
Fancy a tasty snack or refreshing drink?  The buffet offers light refreshments and an open bar. The Riviera lounge also has all the facilities you need to get down to work, as well as newspapers and magazines to read and take with you, television and free Wi-Fi. Looking for a stress-free start to your journey? Choose the Riviera lounge.

The Riviera lounge is the perfect place for families to unwind before a long journey. The VIP lounge access is free for accompanied children under 3 years.