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Prêt à Manger

Restaurants & Bars

Terminal 1 - Floor 1 - Nearest gate: A34
Opening time : From the first to the last flight
Phone : 33 04 93 83 05 72

Flavor ho so British & so natural with Prêt à Manger

Prêt à Manger, the high-end fast-food chain, was created in 1986 in London. In France, the 1st restaurant opened in Paris in 2012.

Now, Terminal 1 departure lounge is welcoming the store and its way of life: triangle shaped sandwiches which are typically British (just as chedar chutney or the iconic crayfish & arugula) but also the triangle smoked salmon, wraps, soups, and let's not forget desserts with cottage cheese, fresh cut fruits, coconut milk desserts, carrot cake, pastries and cookies baked on location.

The drinks menu is quite long too and includes fruits smoothies and flavored iced drinks made directly at the counter.

A little reminder: "Prêt à Manger" is also a pioneer for organic, and offers a 100% Arabica freshly roasted expresso, as well as transalpine specialties such as cappuccino, latte, mocha ...

Des saveurs so British & so natural chez Prêt à Manger