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Chez Pipo

Restaurants & Bars

Terminal 1 - Floor 1 - Nearest gate: A33
Opening time : From the first to the last flight
Phone : 04 93 21 33 67

Socca at the airport! Privilege and exclusivity: the oven of "Chez Pipo," a Nice institution, is warming at Terminal 1.

“Aqui si mangia la socca! "Here, we eat socca ... even at Nice Côte d'Azur Airport! The motto of one of the most famous Nice institutions may now be revisited. 

The people of Nice have eaten socca, a savoury cake made with chickpea flour and browned in the oven, for generations.

Part of the culinary heritage of Nice, more than a dish, socca is a real tradition which is enjoyed with family or friends.A simple and convivial dish, it is eaten with the fingers after simply adding a dash of pepper.

The notoriety of this brand is the work of "Pipo", its founder, who in 1923 began to make this address a must for all of Nice. Nowadays, this golden cake is also appreciated by tourists from all over the world. Now socca made by "Chez Pipo" is no longer the sole preserve of the port of Nice, the institution's stronghold and historic place that has survived the ages, retaining its authenticity and simplicity. "For nearly 100 years, locals and travellers come to taste the original socca here in Nice. We are delighted to continue to share this heritage with the rest of the world at Nice Côte d’Azur airport", added Steeve Bernardo.

Aqui si mangia la socca ! Chez Pipo s'installe en salle d'embarquement du Terminal 1

A secret to be discovered and shared

If the production secret is still well kept, passengers at the airport will be able to extend their experience of Nice until they step onto the plane.
Privilege and exclusivity at Terminal 1: for the first time at an airport, socca is cooked on site, using a special oven! 
The Chez Pipo restaurant awaits you in the departure lounge of Nice Airport. Take a seat at a table or order your specialities of Nice at the "VW combi". On the menu: socca and other traditional and simple regionally inspired products like pissaladière or chard pie, etc.

Aqui si mangia la socca ! Chez Pipo s'installe en salle d'embarquement du Terminal 1