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Thierry Marx's interview - La Plage Restaurant - Terminal 1


“Wow!” Thierry Marx has a breathtaking new dining concept at terminal 1 of the nice-côte d’azur airport.
Never before has a beach bar been so realistically recreated inside a European airport.
All the coastal ingredients are here: sunshades, deckchairs, even boardwalks and a viewpoint with binoculars, to see and be seen!
All the sounds and smells, too, shifting shadow and light, a gentle breeze – just close your eyes and you’re there!
Nice, once again, is an experiential pioneer.
Evident from afar with a giant slide spiralling into the departure lounge (starting in October), Thierry Marx’s blue-and-whitestriped la plage is unique, inspired by the Riviera’s landmark sites and the legendary ambiance of the best beach bars, from Cannes to Saint-Tropez.
“I wanted to recreate that cheerful, festive atmosphere and prolong the unforgettable experience of a French Riviera holiday, all the way to the gates,” explains the chef.


Dining as far as the cast goes; no one has been left out: children have their play spaces with trampoline, buckets and sand castles.
Those who prefer lazily lounging will find deckchairs and cosy gliders.
For both food and beverages, you can order from your deckchair, or step over to the bar or adjacent restaurant in the “la plage” beachy theme.
the chef has designed a “chic snacking” style of eating, with pride of place going to local cuisine, the tastes of southeastern France and superb local ingredients steeped in sunshine.

There’s something for every taste and every budget, with mouth-watering club sandwiches, superb salads, paper-thin carpaccio, abundant cold meat and cheese plates, tasty arancini (stuffed rice balls).
You’ll also find crispy sardines, plump rissoles, and melt-in-your-mouth socca and panisses.
If you prefer sweeter tastes, there’s a fruit brochette, citrus salad, French cottage cheese with Provençal honey, donuts and ice cream.
Even children have their own custom menu and a special surprise, to boot.


Each day at lunchtime, the culinary stars appear, like the “meat of the day” and “catch of the day”, planchagrilled before customers’ very eyes.
“A cook is primarily a craftsperson who creates things from scratch, using raw ingredients,” says Thierry Marx.
“I want to showcase the hands that feed us.
” all this can be enjoyed with a house cocktail (with or without alcohol), a glass of champagne or French wine,
or a great local beer (in moderation, naturally) morning travellers can fill up on a custom breakfast with hot beverages, fresh-squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, a variety of pastries and leavened breads.
Morning meals can morph into brunches with a savoury selection that includes cold meats and cheeses, farmfresh yoghurts and organic eggs.