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Lost & Found


Centre de Services au Terminal 2

If you have lost something in the airport premises, it is possible that it has been found and returned to the Safe Bag Service Centre.

We invite you to report the loss of your property by filling in the form . Our Safebag service provider and its partner Troov will contact you within 48 hours to confirm whether your item has been found or not, and will tell you how to retrieve it. You can also report directly to the Safe Bag Service Centre counter to find out if your object has been found.

Warning : we keep objects found for a limited period of time. Every fortnight, we transfer them to the Lost and found department of the city of Nice (42 rue Dabray, which you may contact by phone on 04 97 13 44 10).

The storage and return of lost property by the Service Centre is subject to regulations. We invite you to consult them below.

Contact Service Center :+33 4 93 96 21 53 from 6 a.m. to 11.30 p.m