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Special requirements

  • Persons with certain deficiencies
    • Visually impaired: do not hesitate to ask agents to guide you through the different phases of security control
    • Hearing impaired: you can ask the security agent to speak louder or repeat information so you can lip read

    If you must undergo a body search, inform the security agent of any pain you may have suffered following surgery or a recent medical procedure

  • Persons with implanted medical devices

    Persons with implanted medical devices: as soon as you reach security control, please inform the agent of any medical prostheses that may be sensitive to magnetic fields (pacemakers...) or any other medical prostheses

  • Passengers with young children or infants

    All passengers must be checked, even children and infants

    Please do not ask security agents to hold your child. Pushchairs, baby car seats and other equipment for children must be x-rayed.