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Checked Luggage

Here is some advice to help you to do the right things before you reach the airport to make things go as well as possible.

  • Contact your airline or your travel agent to be certain when you should be at the airport to check in. Check-in times vary according to airline and destination.
  • contact your airline, since you can take only one piece of carry-on luggage whose size varies according to airline.


Security measures

Your checked baggage must all be labelled with your name
we advise you to keep your photographic film and medication with you in your carry-on luggage.

Certain items are forbidden in checked baggage; make certain not to include them in your luggage:

  • Explosives, ammunition, flares...
  • Flammable liquids, solids or gases (white-spirit, butane...)
  • Corrosive products (chlorine bleach, detergent...)
  • Toxic substances, poisons...
  • Gas
  • Radioactive substances
  • Neutralizing or incapacitating products (teargas...)
  • Magnetic masses

- if you need to carry items that are forbidden in carry-on luggage, put them in your checked baggage