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Travel with your family

Step by step, make your trip easier with your family.

Nice Côte d'Azur Airport is the first airport in France to hold the Famille Plus label  . This label certifies the airport's commitment to a comprehensive family welcome strategy.


  • Formalities

    Your children are subject to the same regulations as you. If the country you are travelling to requires a passport and visa, your children must have their own.

    New regulations are in place since 15 January 2017 concerning minors leaving the country. An authorisation to leave the country is required for a minor child who lives in France and travels abroad alone or without parents. It is a form established and signed by a parent (or legal guardian). The form must be accompanied by a photocopy of an identity document from the signing parent. More information here

  • Parking

    Choose your car park at Nice Côte d'Azur Airport.

    There are large parking areas at each terminal.

    Family parking spaces are marked. There are:

    • two spaces in car park P3, with direct access to Terminal 1
    • two spaces in car park P5, with direct access to Terminal 2


    View the car parks map


  • Security Control

    Children's seating and mobility equipment such as strollers, and baby carriers... will be machine controlled for safety.
    Baby food and liquids, without limitation to the container size, will be allowed under certain conditions:

    • The authorised quantity shall be proven necessary for the duration of the round-trip journey as well as the length of the stay.
    • All products are subject to additional controls by the security agent.
    • These controls may require the security agents to open the products to inspect their contents.

    mascotte alfa famille plus

    Look out for ALFA, our mascot, who will lead you to a less stressful security check. The control process remains identical at the Famille Plus control points.

    For weekend departures during the Zone B school holidays (including Nice, Aix and Marseilles), trained staff will be there to welcome families with a smile, allowing your little ones to go through security without stress and turning these compulsory controls into a fun part of the trip.

    Stewardesses will hand out gifts in the form of colouring sets, coloured pencils and sweets, so that children are kept entertained while they wait to board the aircraft.

    ALFA, our mascot, will show you the way to the control points. Let your children find them, for there are surprises in store.

    After all these stages, you may leave the security control point and return to the boarding lounge.

  • Pushchairs and Childcare articles rental
    Poussettes en libre service

    Once you have passed through the family-friendly security control points, please feel free to pick up a pushchair: they are here for your use.

    For the comfort of parents and to the delight of our youngest passengers, Alfa pushchairs await you:

    • at both terminals
    • in the Reserved Zones only
    • as you exit the security control points
    • around 20 pushchairs per pick-up point
    • for children weighing up to 25kg



    Childcare articles rental service, which offers all the equipment necessary for your stay of a few days or several weeks on the Côte d'Azur : the rental is available for a minimum duration of 3 days, and for a maximum duration of 6 months.

    Pushchairs;  Baby carriers; Car seats; High chairs; Toddler beds; Baby baths; etc. Travel light with children, it's now possible.

    Service in partnership with Kidelio, book now  here .

  • Nursery

    Most toilet facilities have separate, unisex baby-changing rooms. Both mums and dads can use them! All others have baby-changing facilities in the women's toilets.

    Each baby-changing room has:

    • a changing table with disposable nappies.
    • Toilets and washbasins for young children have been thoughtfully installed in this specially decorated area.
    • Baby bottles warmer are made available to family in the baby-changing room of Private Area on terminal 1.

    Nursery - Terminal 1 - nursery (reserved area)

    • Public zone : next to toilets in Arrival Area
    • Restricted zone : Boarding Lounge A, B and Luggage delivery hall


    Nursery - Terminal 2 - in the ladies' toilets

    • Public zone (reserved area)
      • In the departure hall: opposite the Relay shop and near the Monop Daily
      • In the arrivals hall: near the helicopter and close to exit A1
    • Restricted zone (in the ladies' toilets)
      • opposite boarding gates A11 and A12
      • Hall A boarding gate A20
      • Hall B
      • Luggage delivery hall, Schengen side
      • Luggage delivery hall, international side
  • Play Areas

    The terminals are equipped with play areas.

    In the boarding lounges, children will find a play area with cartoons, wall games, early-learning games and rockers.

    Put in place specially for young children, these play areas have been designed to allow your little ones to play in complete safety.

    At Terminal 2, there is also an open-air play area outside the terminal.

  • Restaurants and Shops

    All of the airport's restaurants have child-friendly facilities. The following services are also laid on for young children: children's menus, colouring sets, play areas and high chairs. All these restaurants will be particularly attentive to the needs of families and children. More info >>

  • Testimonial from Famylies
    voyagez en famille avec FAMILLE+

    Testimonial from the ROPTIN family

    Bérengère ROPTIN and her two children, Ludivine aged 5 and Gaël aged 2 and a half, took off from Nice on an Emirates flight to go and meet daddy who was on the Seychelles

    "This was the first time my children and I flew together. They were really excited at the idea of getting on a plane to go to see their father on the other side of the world, on the Seychelles. My husband is a sailor."
    "I discovered the Famille+ programme when I got to the airport, and I was pleasantly surprised because it’s truly convenient."
    "The children were given a small gift when we got to the boarding lounge. They spent part of the flight and some of the holiday colouring the book. I must confess it kept them nicely entertained."
    "While we waited to board, Ludivine and particularly my son Gaël had lots of fun in the play area: it’s a complete bonus for parents... it lowers stress levels, the kids enjoy themselves, they feel at home in the airport."
    "I strongly recommend all parents to make use of your airport’s Famille+ services, and I’ve already told people around me."

    Testimonial from the CHAPUIS family

    La famille Chapuis en vacances


    Clarisse Chapuis, her husband and their two children Maïlys aged 6 and Mathieu aged 2 and a half, followed Alfa on their way to take off on an Aer Lingus flight to Ireland.

    "I was not familiar with the Famille+ programme before flying out of Nice. I was greeted by an agent at the screening station, who showed us the dedicated lane for families."

    "It was a pleasant experience for all. My daughter got some face paint, and my son was too shy to try it but he really enjoyed the colouring set he was given."

    "I didn’t know what other services were available, but I discovered them reading the small brochure I was given. We came by bus because we live 20 kilometres from Aix en Provence. But if we come again by car I’ll look for Famille+ parking spots. Compared to other airports, this one’s really good! The programme is very comprehensive."

    "These small extras ensured my children’s experience at the airport was an enjoyable one! They set to work on the colouring book straight away, and especially when we were all together on the plane."