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Assistance-service call kiosk

Assistance-service call kiosk

However you travel to the airport (car, taxi or public transport), you can inform us of your arrival using the easily-accessible external call kiosks.
You will be put in touch with assistance service personnel, who will collect you from the call kiosk and assist you until your departure.
The kiosks are equipped with guidance systems for the visually impaired, activated using the same remote control unit as the audible pedestrian crossings in the city, and with magnetic loop systems for the hearing impaired.

Borne d'appel pour assistance

 - outside the terminal near door D4
 - at the bus station near the bus office
 - in car park P2 outdoors and underground with direct access to the Terminal
 - in car park P3
 - in secure garage G1: please ask a member of staff

 - outside the departure terminal at doors D1 and D3
 - at the bus station, near where the shuttle stops 
 - car park P5 levels 2 and 4 near the lifts
 - in secure garage G2