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E-concierge your assistant at your fingertips

The perfect support solution for your travels

You will no longer be able to manage without the new e-concierge service from Aéroport de Nice.

It’s indispensable! Whether it is a booking to make, an appointment to set up or recommendations on places to visit, you will have a personal assistant in your pocket 24/7.

E-concierge is so easy to use!

You speak to it naturally and it responds vocally or in writing. The E-concierge mobile app is available in French, English, and Chinese and will soon be available in all other languages.

  • Tailored responses: the E-concierge app responds to all your requests according to your tastes, budget and even your habits.
  • Advice on places to go: the E-concierge app advises you on high-quality places near you.
  • Bookings: hotels, restaurants, aeroplane tickets, taxis, private hire vehicles, shows etc.
  • Appointment booking: doctors, dentist, colleague etc.
  • Information on what’s nearby: you can ask for information about the surrounding area (opening hours, routes, places of interest etc.).

E-concierge is a hybrid mobile application combining 2 types of intelligence: Human intelligence, with the know-how of personal concierge, and also artificial intelligence.

Subscription without renewal
1 week €4.99 1 month €14.99 1 year €149.99