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Frequently asked questions

 Unaccompanied minors ?

From the age of 4 (age varies between airlines) up until the eve of his or her twelfth birthday, a child can travel alone as an Unaccompanied Minors For information concerning children under 4 and handicapped children, please refer to the airline in question.

Which items are forbidden on aircraft?

  • Gas canisters, camping gas stoves,
  • Pressurised containers, aerosols (excluding perfumes, toiletries & medication),
  • Corrosive products, oxidising agents, irritants, toxic products, acids, damp batteries, paint, etc.,
  • Explosives (ammunition, bangers, fireworks, rockets, etc.),
  • Inflammable products (fuel, petrol, etc.),
  • Radioactive or magnetic substances.

What cannot be taken into the cabin?

  • Firearms,
  • Knives, scissors, modelling knives, razors, etc.
  • Self-defence aerosols,
  • Aerosols (perfumes, toiletries, medication) over 100ml,
  • Pointed weapons with sharp edges, blunt instruments such as truncheons, heavy or pointed sticks,
  • Any object that could be used as an offensive weapon such as a pistol, an ice-axe, etc.
  • Any toy or item that looks like any of the above-mentioned, or is of a nature likely to arouse fear.

What can be taken on board within certain restrictions, but cannot be used?

  • Cannot be used during preparation for take-off, take-off and landing: portable computer, video camera, electric razor, radio, TV, Walkman.
  • Cannot be used during the whole flight: cell phone, CB radio, walkie-talkie, remote control.

If you have any doubts, ask your airline before you pack.

See also  " Your trip  " section

You've lost your luggage?

Make inquiries at the "lost luggage" desk of the last airline  you used. They will help you fill in the forms required to launch the search.

 The airline will ensure that the lost luggage reaches the destination of your choice, and will then contact you to arrange handing it back over to you.

Can we take a pet?

Indeed, an animal can travel with you.
 In the hold: in a cage sold by the airline or by the Service Centre of Nice Airport.
 In the cabin: in a carrying-case, with the prior permission of the airline in question.

Cost: contact the airline. In general, the rates are the same as those applicable to excess baggage.

Consult the section "Travelling with a pet "

Which Terminal do I need?

The departure and arrival terminals are specified on your airline ticket. Refer to the lists of airlines   by terminal.

 Which zone do I go to for check-in? 

Check one of the screens located at the points of entry into the terminal buildings. You can also ask at the information desk.  

What facilities are there for small children?

In the toilet area there is a nursery with a changing-table and facilities for small children.

In the boarding lounges in Terminal 1 there are play areas  for children where they can have fun whilst waiting to board. If you choose to do a little shopping whilst in the boarding lounges in Terminal 1, there are some small trolleys equipped with a child seat.

I travel within Europe a lot. Do I have the right to purchase duty-free products when I'm in the boarding lounge?

Although passengers leaving the European Union still benefit from Duty Free shopping, passengers on intra-European flights no longer can. Which is where Travel Value Shops step in. These shops grant reductions equivalent to VAT to passengers travelling within Europe. From champagne to perfume, via watches, jewellery and fifty or so alcohols and wines, all of life's pleasures are available at very advantageous prices.

See the " Shopping area  " section

 Do you have any other questions?