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Passengers rights & obligations

When a passenger requests information on a flight or makes a reservation via a travel agency in the European Union, he or she has the right to obtain objective and precise information :Unless requested otherwise by the passenger, the travel agent must provide the passenger with objective information as provided by the computer reservation system pertaining, in particular, to :
the different possible options for a given journey, ranked in the following order :

flights with connections ,

non-stop flights

  • flights that include a stop but no change of aircraft .
  • all of the prices proposed by the different airlines, as they are given in the system
  • The travel agent must grant to any passenger whom so requires the opportunity to consult the information supplied by the computer system, either by enabling the passenger to read the screen or by printing the information onto paper.
  • The travel agent - if it is the travel agent who reserves the ticket
    or the airline - if the airline makes the reservation - must communicate to the passenger all information available in the system concerning :
  • The identity of the transporter who will in fact provide the service as opposed to the transporter named on the ticket;
  • changes of aircraft during the journey;
  • stops during the journey;
  • transfers between airports during the journey.

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To be consulted : Community list of air carriers which are subject to an operating ban within the European Community: