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Club Airport Premier

If you fly out of Nice Airport ten times a year or more, Club Airport Premier offers you the chance to become a privileged passenger.


Answers to your most frequently asked questions for your club

Answers to your most frequently asked questions

  • How do I get my card ?

    Once you have registered, you can download your membership card to your smartphone by logging into your Club Airport Premier account on your smartphone.

    On iPhone: your card will be downloaded into the Wallet app.

    On Android: you need to download a Wallet application on which you can then save not only your Club Airport Premier card but also your boarding passes.

    You can also go to the information desk of your choice and get your membership card by showing a form of identification.

    • Terminal 1: Arrivals level Door A1 - from 06:15 to 23:30
    • Terminal 2: Arrivals level Door A3 - from 06:15 to 23:30

  • How do I record boarding passes into my account?

    If the boarding pass you want to record has a bar code, you have 12 months to record it in your account:

    • Either click on "Add Flight" in your Member Area and upload the boarding pass in PDF format.
    • Or click on "My Account" then "Add flight" on the Club Airport Premier terminals located in departure lounges

    In this case, registration is automatic and immediate, your CAPS balance is updated simultaneously. Be carreful only flights after your registration, may be taken into account.

    If the boarding pass you want to record does not have a bar code, you have 12 months after the date of your flight to record it in your account:

    • Either into your online account, by clicking on "Add Flight" and uploading your boarding pass in PDF format.
    • Or at an information desk, by showing your Club Airport Premier card.


    In this case, processing is manual and will be done as soon as possible. If your email address is up to date, you will receive a confirmation email when the flight(s) has/have been recorded in your account. We also accept the statement of loyalty issued by the airline on which you flew as proof of a flight within 30 days.


    In all cases, your proof of any flight must have the same forename and surname as your Club Airport Premier card.


    Note however, the following documents do not constitute proof of a flight and we cannot accept them as proof to credit you with points: flight booking confirmation, invoice from a travel agency, AMEX statement of account.

  • I have ACCESS status and I want to record flights. How do the terminals in the departure lounges work?

    If you have ACCESS membership you must use the terminals located in the departure lounges to record your flights from Nice.

    The principle is simple:

    1. scan the QR CODE on your Club Airport Premier card at the terminal located in the departure lounge.
    2. scan your boarding pass.

    Whatever your status, the terminals will allow you to :

    • check your account (flight history)
    • change your details
    • record your old flights (provided you have boarding passes with bar codes)

  • I go to the fast-track queue: how do the terminals work?
    nouvelle borne
    • Scan your Club Airport Premier card.
    • Then scan your boarding pass.
    • Your flight is automatically recorded in your account and credited to your CAPS balance.


     Access to the fast-track queues is for Gold and Platinum members only.

    Your boarding pass must have the same forename and surname as your Club Airport Premier card.

    In case of any problem there is a phone next to the terminal on which you can contact one of our agents who will be pleased to help you

  • I have a digital boarding pass: how do I start?
    lecteur carte emarquement numérique

    Just as for a paper boarding pass scan your Club Airport Premier card and then scan the Flash code of your boarding pass on the screen of your smartphone.

    To ensure the Flash code is read correctly, it is important that the brightness of your smartphone screen is set to maximum, and you tilt and point your smartphone screen at the reader, no more than 10 cm from the reader.

    The use of a Wallet application is recommended since in this case the size of the QR code is optimised and the brightness is adjusted automatically.

    Readers receive regular upgrades and updates to optimise their code-reading performance

  • The gate for the fast-track queue does not open. What should I do?

    If after you have scanned your Club Airport Premier card and your boarding pass, the gate does not open, you are probably in one of the following situations:

    • Your points balance was less than 1,000 CAPS on the deadline date of your GOLD or PLATINIUM status and you have therefore been relegated to ACCESS status and are no longer eligible for the "fast-track queue" benefit.
    •  The Forenames and Surnameson your boarding pass are differentfrom those on your Club Airport Premier account.
    • Your boarding pass is for aflight that is not departing from Nice.

    In each case a message appears on the terminal to indicate the reason.

  • Can I credit myself with points with flights made by my close relations?

    Your Club Airport Premier card is personal.

    Consequently, flights not in your name cannot be credited to your account. If your close relations are frequent travellers (10 or more flights per year), they can also subscribe free of charge to Club Airport Premier and get their own card

  • Can my close relatives benefit from my card?

    The benefits you receive as a Gold member are exclusive.

    We strive to enable our frequent passengers to enjoy the best deals and travel conditions.

    To preserve the value and reliability of these benefits, they are available only to those who are GOLD Club Airport Premier members.

  • Can I use the same email address as my partner for my Club Airport Premier account?

    The email address identifies your account; it is compulsory and unique.

    It enables you to:

    • log onto your online account and check your CAPS balance
    • receive emails guiding you through your Course Club Airport Premier membership
    • receive invitations to privileged events when you are a Gold member.

    Each member must therefore have a personal email address.