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  • Austria


    Destination Austria: Why Not Choose… Vienna?Ancient Vienna, modern Vienna, timeless Vienna! From magnificent Baroq[...]

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  • Belarus


    Destination Belarus: Why Not Choose… Minsk?If you have a love of wide open spaces or a passion for history, Minsk[...]

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  • Belgium


    Discover a Cosmopolitan CapitalJust an hour's flight from Nice, Brussels is one of the European capitals that is c[...]

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  • Bulgaria

    Flights Nice Sofia

    Destination Bulgaria: why not head to Sofia?At the heart of the Balkans, surrounded by mountains, forests and sple[...]

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  • Croatia

    Flights Nice Split

    Croatia: why not head to...Split?With a fascinating historical past, an overflowing cultural offering and picture-[...]

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  • Czech Republic


    Destination the Czech Republic: Why Not Choose… Prague?Prague, "Golden City", "Mother of Cities", "City of a Hundr[...]

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  • Denmark


    Destination Denmark: Why Not Choose… Copenhagen?At the cutting edge design, contemporary architecture and new tech[...]

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    Flights Nice Aarhus

    Fancy a holiday in Denmark: why not head to… Aarhus?Also dynamic but more intimate than Copenhagen, Aarhus, the co[...]

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  • Estonia


    Destination Estonia: why not choose… Tallinn? This seaside city full of contrasts is sometimes compared with Helsi[...]

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  • Finland


    Destination Finland: Why Not Choose HelsinkiDiscover the many charms of the Finnish capital. A port city surrounde[...]

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  • Georgia
  • Germany

    Flight from France to Germany, an essential European destination

    Discover Germany thanks to flights from France to Germany! Located in central Europe, Germany has the largest population of any country in the European Union, with 82 million inhabitants.

    Take a holiday in Germany to discover a wide range of different regions

    In its ideal location, Germany is an increasingly popular tourist destination. The country is filled with exceptional architectural, historical and cultural treasures. Board a low-cost flight from France to Germany and choose your destination: Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne… Each of these cities boasts its own identity. And don’t forget the capital Berlin, the economic and cultural heart of the country. Germany is a pleasant and very hospitable country. Enjoy the great German traditions such as the Munich Beer Festival or the renowned Christmas markets during your holiday in Germany.

    A flight from France to Germany, an exceptional cultural heritage!

    Whatever the time of year, boarding a flight from France to Germany will allow you to discover the richness and the diversity of the German heritage. But don’t take our word for it! No fewer than 33 tourist sites have been recognized as World Heritage sites by UNESCO, including Cologne cathedral, the Zollverein coal mines, the Volklingen steel works and the historical center of Ratisbonne. For nature lovers, the many national parks will give you another good reason to board a low-cost flight from France to Germany! Take the opportunity for a ramble in the mythical Black Forest or enjoy the views around the banks of Lake Constance!


    Destination Germany: Why Not Choose… Berlin?Capital of Germany and the country's largest city, but also the second[...]

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    Destination Germany: Why Not Choose… Cologne?Welcome to the capital of the Rhineland! Come and discover all the wo[...]

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    Destination Germany: Why Not Choose… Düsseldorf?Come and explore Düsseldorf, capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. Bo[...]

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    Destination Germany: Why Not Choose… Frankfurt? Sometimes shunned by tourists, Frankfurt still has a lot to offer.[...]

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    Destination Germany: Why Not Choose… Hamburg?Upstream of the Elbe River, Hamburg is the largest port in Germany. C[...]

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    Come and discover Germany's second most visited city, after Berlin! Although Munich is known for its Biergarten (b[...]

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  • Greece

    Flight from France to Greece, an incomparable destination

    No, there’s more to Greece than just the capital Athens and its historical sites, marvelous as they are! A flight from France to Greece will allow you to appreciate the riches and the diversity of this south-eastern European country.

    Book a flight from France to Greece: thousands of paradisiac islands await you!

    Hurry! Book a low-cost flight from France to Greece and visit a country studded with exceptional natural and cultural sites. Greece has plenty to offer with its 6 000 islands scattered around the heart of the Mediterranean. With all the attractions of paradise, Greece offers its visitors many widely differing landscapes. Cyclades, Ionian, Dodecanese, Sporades, Saronic, Crete… There are so many to choose from! Whether it’s calm idleness or a fiesta, the various Greek islands have what you’re looking for. All you need is a flight from France to Greece!

    A holiday in Greece to visit timeless historical sites!

    With its remarkable historical culture, Greece is an essential stop for those who are interested in history or archaeology. Boarding flights from France to Greece will bring you to the heart of one of the most ancient civilizations you can visit. Today Athens, the capital, is its best known ambassador with its many sites which attract thousands of visitors each year. From the Acropolis to the Parthenon and the Arch of Hadrian, the remains of this past era are concentrated in the capital. Take the opportunity of a flight from France to Greece to visit the Cycladic Art Museum or the Benaki Museum, and learn more about Greek history. And after a busy day discovering the culture, enjoy the capital’s busy nightlife in the Psiri, Gazi, Exarchia and Metaxourgio quarters!


    Reach a Cradle of History in the Blink of an Eye!Athens is one of the biggest tourist centres in the world, thanks[...]

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    Flights Nice - Chania

    Crete: why not head to...Chania?Also known as Hania, Chania, Crete’s second city, is also the island’s most beauti[...]

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    Nice-Mykonos flightFly out to a beautiful islandIt is certainly the best known of the Greek islands. Its mills are[...]

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  • Hungary


    Discovering the Pearl of the DanubeBudapest, the capital of Hungary, is one of the most beautiful cities in Centra[...]

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  • Ireland

    Flight from France to Ireland, a land of contrasts!

    Located in Western Europe, Ireland is a Celtic country which combines modernity with deep historical roots. Irish history is firmly rooted in the green countryside which attracts ramblers and nature lovers, thanks to our flights from France to Ireland.

    A holiday in Ireland: get back to nature

    As you walk on the Emerald Isle, you be struck immediately by the beauty of the countryside and the friendliness of the inhabitants. For an unforgettable experience, board a flight from France to Ireland! Dive into Irish culture at a Bed and Breakfast, widely available throughout the country. It’s the best way to appreciate Irish life, and discover the many different regions which make up this unusual country. Thanks to flights from France to Ireland, walk on the famous Giant’s Causeway. Visit the historical site of Clonmacnoise. Admire the magnificent Connemara lakes. Stroll along the Dingle peninsula.

    A low-cost flight from France to Ireland, for culture and tradition

    By choosing a flight from France to Ireland, drink in the Celtic character. Ireland is a cultured land. The Irish enjoy getting together in pubs to enjoy a national institution: beer. During your holiday in Ireland, maybe you’ll take the opportunity to visit the Guinness museum in Dublin or the Middleton and Cooley distilleries. Appreciated for St Patrick’s Day, beer is a national tradition which unites the Irish people. Traditional music is the mortar. The Irish talk, sing and dance to the sound of violins.


    Flights from Nice to Cork, friendliness and magic await you!An economic centre of Ireland, Cork is a friendly and[...]

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    Destination Ireland: Why Not Choose… Dublin?"The only things one never regrets are one's mistakes". These words fr[...]

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  • Italy

    Flight from France to Italy, a feast for the eyes!

    A southern European country, Italy is one of the most appreciated tourist destinations in the world. Italy has an aura all its own, combining tradition and modernity with a special charm. There’s no better way to experience it for yourself than to board a flight from France to Italy.

    Rome and Venice, essential during your holiday in Italy

    Admire the remarkable Italian landscapes during your journey! The capital Rome is filled with important historical treasures such as the Coliseum, the Pantheon and the Sistine Chapel. Another important stop during your holiday in Italy is Venice. With its many canals, Venice (“La Serenissima”) is a destination in itself. A land of contrasts, Italy enjoys many widely differing regions. From North to South, East to West, the visitor will discover a whole range of landscapes and breathtaking colors.

    Flights from France to Italy, a varied cultural heritage

    Birthplace of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance, Italy enjoys an exceptional architectural, cultural and artistic heritage. By boarding flights from France to Italy, you will discover important works of art, in particular at Florence’s Uffizi Gallery. Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli and Michelangelo are just some of the artists you’ll rediscover during your visit. In addition, there is no shortage of cultural activities. Contemporary art lovers will want to visit La Biennale di Venezia while classical music lovers will head for La Scala in Milan. Discover all that Italy has to offer with a flight from France to Italy.


    From the Bay of Angels to the Gulf of AngelsDespite its embracing of the modern world, Cagliari, the capital of Sa[...]

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    Flights Nice Catania

    Flights from Nice to Catania, discover a different SicilyVisit the second largest city in Sicily with our flights[...]

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    Destination Milan Love fashion, luxury and design? Fly to Milan!Milan, the capital of eleganceAs a fashion destina[...]

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    Explore the Heart of ItalyImagine the bustling streets, the scents of oregano and pizza drifting in the air, the c[...]

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    Destination Sardinia: Why Not Choose… Olbia?Famous for its beaches and its idyllic coves, its untamed islands, and[...]

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    Nice-Palermo Flight At the confluence of many worldsYou must not listen to rumours about Palermo. The Mafia? It li[...]

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    Admire a lively, historical cityLooking for the Italian dolce vita, ancient stones and gastronomic delights? Then[...]

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    Flights from Nice to Venice: discover the city of romanceIf the Italians have nicknamed Venice "La Serenissima", i[...]

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  • Latvia


    Destination Latvia: Why Not Choose… Riga?Discover a city full of beauty and surprises. Divided into two parts by i[...]

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  • Lituania


    Destination Lithuania: Why Not Choose… Vilnius?Lithuania's capital and its largest city, Vilnius is a flamboyantly[...]

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  • Luxembourg


    Luxembourg: A Small Country Hiding Countless TreasuresYou can't possibly get bored in Luxembourg. If there was eve[...]

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  • Malta
  • Moldova (Republic of)
  • Netherlands


    Discover the "Venice of the North"For a weekend trip or longer, Amsterdam is bursting with surprises. No, Venice i[...]

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    Destination The Netherlands: Why Not Choose… Eindhoven?A dynamic city, where art, design and culture are essential[...]

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    Flights from Nice to Rotterdam, where culture and nature combineRotterdam has arisen like a phoenix from its ashes[...]

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  • Norway


    Destination Norway: Why Not Choose… Bergen?Despite its expansion and prosperity, Bergen, Norway's second biggest c[...]

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    Discover the tranquil yet trendy Norwegian capital, for the great outdoors and inspiring design!Nestled in its hun[...]

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    Destination Norway: Why Not Choose… Stavanger?Situated on a Peninsula in Southwest Norway, Stavanger enjoys a warm[...]

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    Destination Norway: Why Not Choose… Trondheim?Norway's third-largest city, a super-dynamic university city and a d[...]

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  • Poland


    Destination Poland: Why Not Choose Warsaw?Like a Phoenix, Warsaw managed to rise from the ashes after being almost[...]

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  • Portugal

    Flight from France to Portugal, surrender to Lisbon and Porto

    Visit the essential Portuguese cities with a flight from France to Portugal. You can’t visit Portugal without seeing Lisbon. Known as the city of seven hills, the capital will delight you with its steep alleys and its typical seaside houses, as well as its atmosphere combining tradition and modern cultures. To the north of the country, Porto, whose center is recognized as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, will delight you with its cathedral and the activities on the river Douro.

    Flights from France to Portugal for a gastronomic holiday

    Boarding a flight from France to Portugal will also allow you to discover Aveiro, the Portugese Venice. Braga, Evora, Coimbra, Guimãraes, Funchal… you can visit all these cities thanks to flights from France to Portugal. Gastronomic discoveries are also a part of your holiday in Portugal. Not only good to eat and varied, these specialties are also inexpensive. There are also many small restaurants where you can enjoy an excellent cod or freshly-caught seafood.

    Take part in the Portuguese fairs with a flight from France to Portugal

    Another local specialty you should discover is Porto wine. You can even follow the Wine Trail in the Upper Douro region.Flights from France to Portugal will also give you the opportunity to enjoy the country’s wonderful landscapes. Whether on the coast or further inland, there are a host of cultural sites to discover. And if you want to enjoy the most intense moments of Iberian life by participating in the local festivities, take a flight from France to Portugal during the summer. This time of year is a never-ending series of festivals and fairs.


    Destination Portugal: Why Not Choose… Faro?At the southernmost point of Portugal, in the heart of the magnificent[...]

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    Destination Portugal: Why Not Choose… Lisbon?Vibrant, cultural and historic, come and discover the multiple facets[...]

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    Destination Portugal: Why Not Choose… Porto?Your stay in Porto, a splendid city located along the hills overlookin[...]

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  • Romania


    Destination Romania: Why Not Choose… Bucharest?The capital of Romania, Bucharest is the cheapest of the European c[...]

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  • Russian Federation


    Destination Russia: Why Not Choose… Moscow?Who hasn't dreamt of strolling at the base of the Kremlin's monumental[...]

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    Destination Russia: Why Not Choose… Saint Petersburg?Discover the "Venice of the North", once the Imperial capital[...]

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  • Serbia
  • Spain

    Flight from France to Spain: for relaxation, festivities and discoveries!

    Head for the second most sought after tourist destination in the world, and board a flight from France to Spain! Sun-soaked beaches with a welcoming and festive atmosphere…

    Enjoy the Spanish way of life during your holiday

    Spain bringsjoie de vivrein her wake.  But that’s not all the Iberian Peninsula has to offer. Far from it! With a particularly rich history, the country is filled with majestic cultural sites and cities, each with its own identity. By boarding a low-cost flight from France to Spain, you’ll head for a lively and dynamic country, where tradition and modernity come together to form a coherent and attractive whole. Don’t wait to enjoy a bit of Spanish life for a change; buy a ticket for one of our many flights from France to Spain. Established as an authentic way of life, the Spanish pace has become a national characteristic uniting the country. In Spain, we take time to live and we stay up late.

    Flights from France to Spain, a varied country

    Even if Spanish cities share the same energy and dynamism, the visitor will still be amazed by the surprising diversity of this country. Bilbao, Cordoba, Toledo, Madrid, Barcelona… Spain has numerous towns each with its distinct language, character and culture. While discovering the capital Madrid, you will visit its many museums and the royal palace, whereas in Barcelona, the other main Spanish city, you will walk along the Ramblas or visit Gaudi’s famous Holy Family church. Further south, Andalusia with the cities of Seville, Grenada and Cordoba, also offers unforgettable landscapes. Spain is a land of contrasts well worth discovering. Don’t wait; treat yourself to an exceptional holiday by taking a flight from France to Spain!


    Take a Break in the Party CapitalIf there's one destination you never get tired of, it's Barcelona. Considered the[...]

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    Flights Nice Seville

    Destination Andalusia: why not head to... Seville?Evocative of sun and good living, the name of this city is alrea[...]

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    Flights Nice Tenerife

    Destination the Canary Islands: why not head to… Tenerife?From the top of its majestic Teide volcano, which has an[...]

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    Nice to Ibiza flights, to relax and party! When you feel like a change of scene, just go with the flow! With your[...]

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    Destination Spain: Why Not Choose… Madrid? Come and explore Madrid, a cosmopolitan city that harmoniously blends u[...]

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    Destination Spain: Why Not Choose… Málaga?Capital of the Costa del Sol, a city of sunshine and sand, Málaga is the[...]

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    Nice to Palma de Majorca flights, a relaxing breeze takes you awayA dream destination just an hour away from Franc[...]

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  • Sweden


    Destination Sweden: Why Not Choose… Gothenburg? In Sweden's second largest city and the country's main port, Gothe[...]

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    Between tradition and modernityA relaxed, cosmopolitan capital, the city of Stockholm has a rich 750-year history.[...]

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  • Switzerland


    Destination Switzerland: Why Not Choose… Basel?When modern architecture rubs shoulders harmoniously with mediaeval[...]

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    Destination Switzerland: Why Not Choose… Geneva?If you like to see beautiful residences with character, or wander[...]

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    Destination Switzerland: Why Not Choose… Zurich?If Zurich is the only city you visit in Switzerland, you won't be[...]

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  • Ukraine


    Flight Nice-KievDiscover KievThe capital of Ukraine is an exciting city, where Russian and Western influences inte[...]

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  • United Kingdom

    Flight from France to the UK: a land of contrasts and diversity

    Comprising England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom is the sixth most popular tourist destination in the world. Join the 27 million tourists who visit the United Kingdom each year. Board one of the many flights from France to the UK. A mixture of cultures, traditions and modernity, this diversity is one of the major attractions of the United Kingdom. One of the largest cities in the world, the capital London, is an important showcase for the country and the principal destination. Take the opportunity of your flight from France to UK to visit London’s emblematic monuments, including Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London or Buckingham Palace.

    Flights from France to the UK: Scotland and Wales

    For lovers of nature and tradition, don’t miss Scotland. On leaving your flight from France to the UK, discover the famous Saint Andrew’s University, or hunt for the famous Loch Ness Monster. You’ll appreciate Wales too, with the beauty of its landscapes and its unique identity. Nature lovers will appreciate the many national parks providing a sanctuary for a remarkable ecosystem. The Welsh coast also offers many breath-taking landscapes.

    A holiday in the United Kingdom: discover Northern Ireland

    And finally, Northern Ireland is a destination in itself thanks to our flights from France to the UK. Discover the city of Armagh where Saint Patrick founded the Irish church. The city of Londonderry is one of the best preserved fortified cities in the British Isles. Benefit from your holiday in the United Kingdom to discover Loch Neagh, the largest lake in the country, and the Giant’s Causeway.


    Destination Ireland: Why Not Choose… Belfast?Although Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, has long been asso[...]

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    Flights from Nice to Bristol for a festive holidayBristol is in the south-west of England and best-known for its h[...]

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    Destination Scotland: Why Not Choose… Edinburgh?The capital of Scotland and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Edinburg[...]

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    Flights from Nice to Liverpool for a holiday focusing on culture and sportThanks to one of the flights from Nice t[...]

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    Flights from Nice to London: city hustle and bustle a click away!Eccentric and staid, modern and traditional: Lond[...]

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    Flights from Nice to Manchester − devilishly alive!Manchester is not only the city of the Red Devils – the famous[...]

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    Flights from Nice to Newcastle, an attractive destinationVenture off the beaten track and board one of the flights[...]

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