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Breaks by the Water

Looking for sand, turquoise waters and a cocktail at sunset?
You’ll be spoilt for choice by taking a direct flight from Nice!

Séjour à Faro


Immerse yourself in wild, unspoilt nature. Make time to visit the forgotten coves and the charming villages all in white, then refuel with some local specialities from the land and the sea.

Séjour en familleSoiréesSableActivité coup de coeurEco-tourism in the Ria Formosa

Séjour à Biarritz

FRANCE - Biarritz

This is Mecca for surfers, with its long beaches. Stroll along the sand, enjoy an invigorating dip, or try some food spiced with Espelette chilli pepper. A destination with a kick to it!

Séjour en familleGastronomieSoiréesSableActivité coup de coeurThe panoramic view from the top of the lighthouse

Séjour à Mykonos

GREECE - Mykonos

The star of the Cyclades, with its famous beaches, its windmills and its party atmosphere, also offers a more relaxed option: lazing by the water. and just letting the time drift pleasantly by…

GastronomieSoiréesSableActivité coup de coeurDelos, the island of Apollo and its ruins

Séjour à Dubai


Audacious and futuristic, Dubai offers a truly unique experience. Swimming with sharks, skiing in a mall, or relaxing in one of the many family beach clubs: in Dubai, anything is possible!

Séjour en familleSoiréesSableActivité coup de coeurThe beach in the morning and skiing in the afternoon! 

Séjour à Malaga

SPAIN - Malaga

Capital of the Costa Del Sol, Malaga offers an idyllic landscape and a pleasant lifestyle. In urgent need of rest and relaxation, without spending a fortune? You've come to the right place!

Séjour en famille

GastronomieSoiréesActivité coup de coeurLa Concepcion Botanical Gardens  

Séjour à Split


If you fancy lazing around by day and partying by night, the Dalmatian capital of Split is the destination for you. Not to mention that just an hour away on the ferry, Croatia's most beautiful islands await…

SoiréesSableActivité coup de coeurExplore Biševo's fairytale Blue Grotto

Séjour à Athènes

GREECE - Athens

After a few cultural excursions in Athens, set off for one of the islands of the Saronic Gulf, for a taste of island life and to see why Henry Miller stated that “in Greece one has the desire to bathe in the sky! ”

GastronomieSoiréesActivité coup de coeurThe island of Hydra

Séjour à ibiza

SPAIN - Ibiza

If you love fine sand, this is your paradise! The island of Ibiza offers 200 km of spectacular sandy beaches, with clear, turquoise waters.

GastronomieSoiréesSableActivité coup de coeurDrink a “cava” in Ibiza's Dalt Vila

Séjour à Malte

MALTA - Valletta

The pearl of the Mediterranean will charm travellers of all kinds, with its wide range of activities: museums and old buildings, diving, sailing, or even just relaxing in the shade of a parasol. Why wait? Discover Malta and its treasures now!

Séjour en familleGastronomieSableActivité coup de coeur

Travel back in time by getting lost in the streets of Mdina

ITALY- Naples

Discover the Amalfi Coast, its cliff-side villages, its terraced orchards, its deep blue coves... and don't forget to stop and admire one of its breathtaking sunsets!

Séjour en familleGastronomieActivité coup de coeur

Capri, of course!

TUNISIA - Monastir

Monastir is an idyllic place. The warm climate, blue skies, shimmering sea and friendly welcome from the locals: everything comes together to guarantee relaxed holidays full of wonderful experiences and emotions.

Séjour en familleGastronomieSableActivité coup de coeur

Enjoy Monastir International Festival at the Ribat 

Séjour à Palerme

SICILY - Palermo

From its volcanoes to the Mediterranean, Sicily is a land of contrasts. Relaxation, culture, challenging ascents, watersports or culinary art: no two days will be the same!
Séjour en familleGastronomieActivité coup de coeurThe island of Ustica

Séjour à Figari

CORSICA -  Figari

Turquoise water, white sand, warm sun: although all this sounds like a remote island, we are actually talking about Southern Corsica. Just an hour's flight, and you're already in a different world!

Séjour en familleGastronomieSableActivité coup de coeur

Admire the sunset at the “Tournant de l'Extrême-Sud”

Séjour à Palma de Majorque

ESPAGNE - Palma Majorca

The little island of Majorca offers all the ingredients you need for a real dream holiday: amazing landscapes, white sand beaches, turquoise waters and unusual architecture with multiple influences.

GastronomieSoiréesSableActivité coup de coeur

S’offrir des perles de Majorque

Vacances à Riga


Tired of Mediterranean beaches? Combine the charm of Nordic beaches (white sand and adorable wooden houses nestled in pine forests) with discovery of the culturally rich Latvian capital

GastronomieSoiréesSableActivité coup de coeur

Jūrmala, the ultimate Latvian beach 

Séjour à Cagliari

SARDINIA - Cagliari

Choose Sardinia for a taste of paradise. Here, the Mediterranean is at its most beautiful: white sand, turquoise waters and high dunes covered with junipers that are centuries old.

Séjour en familleGastronomieSableActivité coup de coeurThe unmissable speciality: “i ravioli sardi”

Séjour à Tel Aviv

ISRAEL - Tel Aviv 

Constant artistic renewal, a sense of spirituality, beaches and bars where the party lasts all night… Tel Aviv is a perfect destination to unwind and nourish your creativity!

GastronomieSableActivité coup de coeurTry a yoga session on the beach

Séjour à Séville

SPAIN - Seville

Ever-present sunshine, unbelievable natural beaches with warm waters, and countless architectural gems: the Andalusian coast has a thousand treasures to discover. So set off for southern Spain!

GastronomieSableActivité coup de coeurEnjoy an intimate opera performance at El Arenal market

Séjour à Olbia


Make time for a trip to the Costa Smeralda: its coasts with their rocky coves and sandy beaches are incomparably beautiful. Looking for amazing sights? Choose Olbia!

GastronomieSoiréesSableActivité coup de coeur

Tavolara Island and its Porto Istana Beach

Breaks in the country Weekend breaks