Coffee & Bars

Terminal 1 - Joe &The Juice

Take away - Check-in Hall - ground floor

Terminal 1 - TRIB'S

High-end bar and casual restaurant. arrivals hall & boarding zone

Terminal 1 - STARBUCKS

boarding zone, international non schengen

Terminal 2 - BAR LE BADIANE

Enjoy the panoramic view while sipping a drink. Check-in Hall - first floor


Terminal 2's only outdoor terrace. Arrivals Hall ground floor

Terminal 2 - BAR DU MONDE

A refreshing place to take a break in the international flights sector. Boarding Hall B

Terminal 2 - COSTA COFFEE

Enjoy a moment of relaxation and a delectable offer. Boarding Hall A

Terminal 2 - L ESCALE

Enjoy a coffee break. Check-in Hall

Terminal 2 - BAR PAUL

Get settled in its open seating area. Boarding area