Meet and greet


Meet and greet service at Nice Côte d'Azur Airport

Whether the arrival or departure, our hostesses welcome and accompany you 365/365d in the airport. Concerned with your comfort and serenity during your time at Nice Côte d'Azur Airport, we strive to ensure that any of your requirements are anticipated and that all formalities related to the trip are uneventful. 

Nice airport provide personalised hospitality to meet every need for:

  • VIPs
  • business passengers
  • groups  

So Nice ! The airport VIP style 

A Meet and greet which reflects on your company image

Accueils personnalisés de passagers

On arrival: 

  • accompanied through passport control and baggage claim,
  • assisted by the porter service, passengers await in our private lounge until they are picked up by the professional expecting them (limousine or coach driver)
  • or accompanied to the car rental or helicopter counter, etc.


On departure: passengers are welcomed at the terminal entrance and then:

  • assisted by the porter service,
  • helped to complete tax refund forms if applicable,
  • accompanied to check-in and to the VIP Lounge and boarding gate, or taken by private shuttle to the plane for remote parking stands. You will be accompanied throughout all check-in and boarding formalities.

Our hostesses meet you when you leave your vehicle and provide assisance you until you board your flight

You can offer VIP hospitality for those ‘special occasions’. Rates & on-line booking

For booking contact us on line  

Type of welcome Rates excluded VAT  for 1 to 4 passengers (4 pieces of luggage)
Arrival €130
Departure €165
  extra baggage fee €5