Testimonial from Famylies

voyagez en famille avec FAMILLE+

Testimonial from the ROPTIN family

Bérengère ROPTIN and her two children, Ludivine aged 5 and Gaël aged 2 and a half, took off from Nice on an Emirates flight to go and meet daddy who was on the Seychelles

"This was the first time my children and I flew together. They were really excited at the idea of getting on a plane to go to see their father on the other side of the world, on the Seychelles. My husband is a sailor."
"I discovered the Famille+ programme when I got to the airport, and I was pleasantly surprised because it’s truly convenient."
"The children were given a small gift when we got to the boarding lounge. They spent part of the flight and some of the holiday colouring the book. I must confess it kept them nicely entertained."
"While we waited to board, Ludivine and particularly my son Gaël had lots of fun in the play area: it’s a complete bonus for parents... it lowers stress levels, the kids enjoy themselves, they feel at home in the airport."
"I strongly recommend all parents to make use of your airport’s Famille+ services, and I’ve already told people around me."

Testimonial from the CHAPUIS family

La famille Chapuis en vacances


Clarisse Chapuis, her husband and their two children Maïlys aged 6 and Mathieu aged 2 and a half, followed Alfa on their way to take off on an Aer Lingus flight to Ireland.

"I was not familiar with the Famille+ programme before flying out of Nice. I was greeted by an agent at the screening station, who showed us the dedicated lane for families."

"It was a pleasant experience for all. My daughter got some face paint, and my son was too shy to try it but he really enjoyed the colouring set he was given."

"I didn’t know what other services were available, but I discovered them reading the small brochure I was given. We came by bus because we live 20 kilometres from Aix en Provence. But if we come again by car I’ll look for Famille+ parking spots. Compared to other airports, this one’s really good! The programme is very comprehensive."

"These small extras ensured my children’s experience at the airport was an enjoyable one! They set to work on the colouring book straight away, and especially when we were all together on the plane."