Security Control

mascotte alfa famille plus

Look out for ALFA, our mascot, who will lead you to a less stressful security check. The control process remains identical at the Famille Plus control points.

  • For weekend departures during the Zone B school holidays (including Nice, Aix and Marseilles), trained staff will be there to welcome families with a smile, allowing your little ones to go through security without stress and turning these compulsory controls into a fun part of the trip.
  • Stewardesses will hand out gifts in the form of colouring sets, coloured pencils and sweets, so that children are kept entertained while they wait to board the aircraft.

ALFA, our mascot, will show you the way to the control points. Let your children find them, for there are surprises in store.

Please be reminded that the rules and conduct at the security control points  are the same for all passengers.

After all these stages, you may leave the security control point and return to the boarding lounge.

mascotte alfa famille plus bon voyage