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Security Control

Because of reinforced security measures, your passage through security control may differ from what you’ve experienced previously.

Watch the video "Anticipate your control security"



To be certain the security control goes as well as possible, the following may help:

  • Try to go through the security control as early as possible.
  • Leave your baggage cart at the places indicated for that purpose; you cannot take it into the boarding area.
  • Passengers only are admitted to the boarding area. You cannot be accompanied there. You must say goodbye to your friends and family before going through security control.


Sac pour les liquides
  • Show your boarding pass to the security agent
  • inform the agent if you have any special needs ( Click here for further information )
  • place your carry-on luggage (handbag, computer...) on the x-ray belt
  • Remove your jacket, hat, scarf... and place them in a tray
  • all metal objects (coins, keys, medication, mobile phones...) must be placed in a tray
  • you may be asked to remove your belt
  • if you have any heavy jewellery, do not hesitate to place it in your carry-on luggage
  • walk through the metal detection portals when the agent invites you to do so

you may have to undergo further security controls:You may be frisked, always by a person of your sex.

  • you may be asked to remove your shoes.
  • Don’t forget to take all your personal effects from the x-ray belt
  • At this stage, you may still be asked to open your carry-on luggage so it can be searched.

After all these steps, you are free to leave security control and go to the boarding area.