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Destination Tunisia: Why Not Choose… Djerba?

This island, nestled in the Gulf of Gabès, is known as "Djerba the sweet" for good reason. Fine sand beaches, warm crystalline water, unspoilt nature and an almost religious calm. All this awaits you on this island which offers a marvellous mix of easy living and hospitality, a rich historical past and idyllic landscapes.

A destination filled with pleasures!

Djerba's main attractions are its 20km of fine sand beaches and its warm climate, meaning you can take a dip in the sea at any time of year. Waterskiing, kite surfing, jet skiing... or pedalos for a more relaxed experience. Water sports lovers won't know where to start!

It is also the perfect place for a health detox, with a wide range of thalassotherapy and balneotherapy treatments. Hammams, gentle massages, traditional scrubs, scented clay wraps: un-knot your muscles, tone up and glow with health!

Fuelled by this new energy, you're ready to dive into the buzzing and colourful souks of Houmt El Souk, with the scent of spices and leather in the air. You can't help but be amazed at the wonderful crafts: pottery, jewellery, basketwork, woollen items... And after all this shopping, it's time for a little culture: a truly historical destination, Djerba offers many museums, religious buildings and historical monuments: the Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions, the El Ghriba Synagogue, the Fadloun Mosque, and the Borj el-Kebir fortress will leave you speechless.

To keep the little ones entertained, Djerba has the largest crocodile farm in the Mediterranean: over 400 Nile crocodiles roam in a setting which echoes the country's Saharan and African depths. In the pools of the tropical greenhouse, crocodiles laze in the sun, before springing awake to be fed. An astonishing and entirely exotic sight!

To enjoy unspoiled nature and catch a glimpse of flamingos, take a trip to the peninsular of Ras Rmel (meaning "sand head").

If you have time and a taste for adventure, why not explore the surrounding regions? South Tunisia has abundant natural treasures which are not to be missed. Discover Gabès and its gulf, or explore the dunes of the Sahara!

Top 10 Must-Sees


Houmt El Souk: don't forget to visit this charming neighbourhood with its whitewashed houses and pretty little mosques. Visitors are mostly drawn to its souks.

Borj el-Kebir (Ghazi Mustapha Fort): located in the town of Houmt El Souk, this borj is a fortress built at the end of the 16th century on the site of the old Fatimid palace. It is considered one of the most beautiful specimens of Ottoman military architecture.

Guellala: this little town in the south of the island of Djerba is famous across the country for its potteries . Thanks to the rich deposits of clay in the area, this activity has been present there for several centuries.

The El Ghriba Synagogue: located in the village of Er Rhiad, near Houmt El Souk, this magnificent synagogue adorned with stained-glass windows and colourful tiles is home to one of the oldest copies of the Torah in the world.

The Fadloun Mosque: one of the most astonishing monuments of Tunisia's ancient architectural heritage. Seen from a distance, this 14th-century mosque looks like the island's other religious buildings. However, as you get closer, you will be surprised by its layout and "disarticulation".

The Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions: located in the old 18th century "zaouia" (Koran school), this museum houses collections of the crafts that have given the island its reputation, and for centuries have been its main manufacturing assets: textiles, jewellery, pottery and woodwork.

The Lalla Hadria Museum: a magnificent museum offering a rich panorama of art from Tunisia and the Arab-Islamic world. An unusual collection of over 1000 pieces, telling the story of 13 centuries of art and history through 13 sober and spacious rooms. Pure cultural pleasure!

Meninx: an ancient trading post founded by the Phoenicians , Meninx reached the height of its glory in Roman times , when it became the Island's most prominent city. Today it is an archaeological site strewn with ruins.

Flamingo Island: explore this desert island and sample freshly caught, grilled fish. A day of delicacies and warm sand!

An excursion in the South Tunisian Desert: wind, sand, clear skies and an open horizon to free your spirit.


Colourful, Tasty and Spicy Gastronomy

The product of a unique cultural heritage (Italians, Arabs, Maltese, Jews, Turks, Berbers...), traditional Tunisian gastronomywill delight you with its originality and intoxicating taste, its Eastern spices and its skilful blends of flavours. Sun-kissed fruits and vegetables are of course a key feature in this colourful and balanced cuisine. Couscous, tagines, lamb ragouts and grilled fish, all spiced up with Harissa sauce: an adventure for the taste buds. And for dessert, a plethora of pastries using almonds, pistachios, dates, semolina and honey will leave you spoilt for choice. Baklava, makroudh and mlabbas all go perfectly with a delicious mint tea.

Cultural Events


July-August: International Ulysses Festival

Many cultural, tourist and sporting attractions, concerts and theatre productions showcasing the local heritage.

July-August: Traditional diving and sailing festival in Ajim

This festival will give you the chance to see sponge divers and felucca races.

Early August: Guellala Pottery Festival

This festival offers insight into the pottery industry, showing its capacity to develop and innovate. It promotes the brand image of ceramic arts to the public.

November: Puppet festival

Providing entertainment for both adults and children in the last century, today puppets have lost their popularity. This festival puts them back in the spotlight. In a wide range of costumes, they play warriors or characters from everyday life.

December: World island music and island film festival

This festival features groups and films from various islands around the world.

Days of operation:

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