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Flights from Nice to Istanbul: discover the Byzantine legend

Split in two by the majestic Bosphorus, Istanbul guards its exceptional heritage within its walls. Straddling Asia and Europe, East and West, the Turkish metropolis still benefits from its fabulous history. This is what gives it its strange and yet familiar aura. To be discover during a short, medium or long holiday in Istanbul. A little less than 3 hours for flights from Nice to Istanbul.

Flights from Nice to Istanbul: all aboard for a history lesson

Perched on seven hills, Istanbul has an eventful past. Named Byzantium by the Greeks and then Constantinople by the Romans, today's Istanbul displays its legend to visitors. During yourholiday in Istanbul, the old district is a must. Fresh from one of our flights from Nice to Istanbul, visit the great buildings listed World Heritage by UNESCO, such as the Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Mosque of Suleiman and the Magnificent Blue Mosque with its six minarets, also the Church of the Pantocrator Christ and the fortifications.

Cheap ticket from Nice to Istanbul: cross the Bosphorus

During your holiday in Istanbul, don't forget to cross the Bosphorus and visit the asian side of the city. Quieter, this side also has points of interest, such as the Leander tower which allows you to admire the city in its entirety. The Prince Islands also provide an opportunity to walk quietly around beautiful wooden mansions. Don't delay and book your cheap ticket from Nice to Istanbul.

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