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Flights from Nice to Limoges, Porcelain of course, but not only!

World capital of porcelain, Limoges proudly displays its heritage of craftsmanship. Rich with over 2000 years of history, this town of Art and History has many unmissable hidden treasures. 2 hours 35 away on flights from Nice to Limoges.

Cheap tickets from Nice to Limoges, the capital of ceramic arts

Fresh from one of our flights from Nice to Limoges, head towards the Boulevard Louis Blanc, nicknamed “porcelain boulevard” by the inhabitants. The capital of ceramics, Limoges has a long tradition of enamel, porcelain and stained glass craftsmanship. Today it is even home to the European division of Ceramics. The Adrien Dubouché Porcelain Museum is obviously a must during your holiday in Limoges. In the street you will observe buildings adorned with the characteristic white ceramic. As for the “Four Casseaux” it is the last witness of the city's porcelain craftsmanship. At the Museum of Fine Arts and the Bishopric palace of Limoges, you can admire the most beautiful collection of enamels in the world.

A holiday in Limoges, discover unknown treasures

In addition to the many religious buildings with their remarkable stained glass, Limoges has many listed buildings. During your holiday in Limoges, a stroll through the historic district will be essential to get a full impression of centuries past. The more adventurous will not hesitate to take a tour of the “Règle” underground ... Don't delay and book your cheap ticket from Nice to Limoges!

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