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Destination Corsica: Why Not Choose… Figari?

With its idyllic beaches, its secret coves, and its rugged, steep mountains, Figari is an exhilarating place for a holiday. Soak up this mixture of rugged and sensual landscapes, of harsh nature and delicate perfumes. Enjoy a wonderful break in the sun by the sea, or experience the thrills of hiking and water sports in an unbelievably beautiful and unspoilt natural setting.

A Dream Holiday for Romance or Outdoor Sports

In Figari and the surrounding area, you'll have ample choice of things to see and do! If you're a hiking fan, start at the Naséo sheepfolds, then walk towards the Uomo di Cagna. The ascent to this granite boulder balanced over the void is worth the effort, even though the summit is not particularly high. When you get the top, you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the whole far south of Corsica, right out to Sardinia. The Gulf of Figari has many hidden gems: heavenly beaches, a charming leisure port and a dream spot for kite surfers. There's something for everyone!

South Corsica: Natural Treasures as Far as the Eye Can See

In the area around Figari, many equally magical places offer unbelievable landscapes and unforgettable experiences, for wonder and excitement.

Take a dip in the turquoise waters of Roccapina Bay, under the benevolent gaze of the stone lion. Visit towns overflowing with history, such as Bonifacio, Sartène or Propriano. You can also seek out the first inhabitants of Corsica, by visiting the Filitosa prehistoric site. Alternatively, for complete serenity, opt for Lavezzi Islands.

And if you're more the road trip kind, head out along the Corsica wine trail. All along the West Coast, many wine estates will welcome you with wine tastings and explanations of their wine-making methods, their heritage and their values. A delicious itinerary!

Top 10 Must-Sees


The Naséo Sheepfolds: this bucolic site, still inhabited a century ago by shepherds during the summer transhumance, offers a truly special atmosphere. Leaving from the sheepfolds, walk towards the Uomo di Cagna.

The Uomo di Cagna: peaking at a height of 1217m above the villages of Gianucciu and Monaccia, this is one of the wonders of Corsica's far south: a balanced rock formation offering a pretty view of the south coast.

The Pianottoli-Caldarello Tower: also known as the Figari tower, this tower, built at the end of the 16th century, sits by the north shore of the Bay of Figari: a narrow breach where the sea has flowed into a split in the massif. Sitting amidst a jumble of coloured blocks surrounded by white sand beaches, the tower is just as remarkable as the site itself.

The Gulf of Figari: windsurfers and kitesurfers will be delighted by the south winds, which will give added enjoyment to their favourite sport in this magnificent setting.

Roccapina Bay: an enchanting place where, at the top of a rocky outcrop, the shape of the debris and rock walls looks like a lion lying down, watching over the coast. Roccapina beach condenses together all the charms of Corsica's coast: fine sand, shady pines and a lagoon-blue sea.

Bonifacio: in the far south of Corsica, the region of Bonifacio is a true open-air museum. Historical monuments, stunning countryside, the upper town with the alleys of its magnificent citadel, its ramparts, etc. It really is worth the detour.

Sartène: visit what Prosper Mérimée called "the most Corsican of Corsican towns." Its grey- and brown-fronted houses and its granite ramparts overlooking the valley give great character to this magnificent place. Stroll around the streets of Old Sartène and get lost in its maze of cobbled alleys and secret passages.

The Filitosa Prehistoric Site: discover the island's roots by going in search of the first Corsicans. This jewel of island megalithic art is considered one of the most enigmatic cultural sites in the Mediterranean and one of the best collections of prehistoric art in Europe. Filitosa offers a panorama of 8000 years of human history.

The Isle of Beauty Wine Trail: from the slopes of the Cap Corse in the north to the wines of Porto-Vecchio and Figari in the south, not forgetting Calvi and Ajaccio: simply travel along the coast to tour the vineyards.

The Lavezzi Isles: isles or islets formed of rocks smoothed by the sea, secluded little beaches, great water for diving… everything about the Lavezzi Isles is enticing.

A Wide Range of Specialities

A holiday in Corsica is sure to mean gastronomic discovery. Of course, there are the subtle and fragrant flavours of Corsican charcuterie such as prisuttu, coppa, lonzu and figatellu. However, Corsican cuisine also boasts many pasta specialities, thanks to its Italian gourmet heritage, and if you visit the coast of the Isle of Beauty, you'll be treated to fantastic fish and seafood. You'll find grilled red mullet, bass with fennel, stuffed sardines, and of course aziminu (Corsican fish stew). The oysters and mussels are also delicious. For desert, don't miss the opportunity to taste local cakes made with chestnut flour.

Cultural Events

April: Catenacciu in Sartène . Taking place on the evening of Good Friday, the famous and colourful nocturnal Catenacciu procession is the oldest religious tradition in Corsica.

April: Olive Festival (Festa di l'oliunovu) in Sainte-Lucie-de-Tallano. With a large market selling new olive oil, this artisan fair offers tours of mills and cooking demonstrations with olive oil. Head to the Santa Lucia di Tallà convent.

April-May: Art’èGustu Festival in Corsica. A festival of art and taste, Corsican style. Taste typical Corsican produce from around a hundred producers: olive oil, honey, chestnut flour, charcuterie, cheese, wine, confectionery...

July: Pages en Plages Festival in Lecci. The Pages en Plages (Books on the Beach) Festival combines two pleasures: reading and breathtaking beaches. For three days, the Saint-Cyprien beach in Lecci attracts bookworms and holidaymakers, who come to this idyllic spot to meet around twenty authors, some of whom come from Corsica. On the agenda: book signings, meetings, breakfasts, literary cafés and aperitifs.

September: Nativity of the Virgin in Bonifacio. On 8 September, for the Feast of "Our Lady", come and taste Bonifacio's stuffed aubergines.

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