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Flights from Nice to Basle, on board for the cultural capital of Switzerland

Basle is the meeting point for culture and nature in Switzerland. Basle is a university city and its inhabitants appreciate its wide range of activities and spectacles. Thanks to its location near both Germany and France, many languages are spoken in the city, giving it a firmly cosmopolitan air. In barely an hour, a flight from Nice to Basle will let you enjoy a city which delights in its youth and its majestic landscapes.

Low cost flights from Nice to Basle, for a delightful holiday on the banks of the Rhine

Take a flight from Nice to Basle, no matter what the season, without hesitation. In summer, Basle offers refreshing opportunities for diving and swimming in the Rhine. The quality of the river water, sunny days and the relaxed atmosphere of the city will get the better of you. If you like long rambles, you’ll appreciate Basle’s walking paths. By buying a low-cost ticket from Nice to Basle, you’ll enjoy the magnificent landscapes, the picturesque villages or a dinner in a mountain lodge.

Flights from Nice to Basle, for an enchanted winter

Book a flight from Nice to Basle and enjoy a Christmas unlike any other. Save money on your end of year holiday thanks to a low-cost ticket from Nice to Basle and make all your Christmas wishes come true. For the occasion, Basle dresses up in its lights and offers a sight straight out of a storybook, including a Christmas market with over 100 stands. Prepare your holiday in Basle during the carnival and mix with the crowd for three days of uninterrupted festivities.

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