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Flights from Nice to Venice: discover the city of romance

If the Italians have nicknamed Venice "La Serenissima", it is primarily because this city has a unique power of attraction. Discover the charms of the city of the Doges.

Flights from Nice to Venice: enchanting Venice

A holiday in Venice is a special moment that you will remember all your life! When you step off your Nice to Venice flight, you will immediately fall in love with the city's atmosphere. Beautiful, majestic, photogenic, mysterious... there's no shortage of superlatives to describe the city of 400 bridges with its countless canals.

Low-cost flights from Nice to Venice: explore the mysteries of Venice

For culture lovers, Venice has over 30 museums. Some of the most beautiful and unmissable include the Doge's Palace, Saint Mark's Basilica, the Scuola Grande de San Rocco, the Ca’Rezzonico, the Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, and the Museo Correr civic museum. And if you like music, there's The Barber of Seville, The Four Seasons, La Traviata, Violins in Venice... concerts and opera abound in this magical spilling over with art and music! When you book a low-cost fight from Nice to Venice, a unique experience awaits you!

The Carnival of Venice: A Fairytale Experience

Vols Nice- Venise

There's no better way to forget everyday life and bring some sparkle to your eyes: book a flight to see the Carnival of Venice! 

In February, the carnival theme this year should tempt your appetite: "The world's most delicious festival!" will bring you the unforgettable flavours of Italy.

A real treat to share with that special someone this Valentine's!

When is the best time to book a flight from Nice to Venice?

Even out of carnival season, Venice is one of the most event-filled cities in the world, with festivals, regattas, the Biennale, concerts, musical shows, exhibitions and operas all year round! There will be plenty of amazing surprises whenever you visit. Some of Venice's most famous festivals:

January to February:

  • The Regata delle Befane: on the Grand Canal, for Epiphany, friendly witches put on a show for children and tourists
  • The Festa delle Marie: Venice's oldest festival, dating back to 943

In May:

  • The Festa de la Sensa: celebrating the union between Venice and the sea
  • The Vogalonga: over 2000 boats of all kinds and 8000 participants paddle or row in this famous 32km race on the Northern Lagoon.

In July:

  • The Festa del Redentore: one of the largest popular festivals in Venice, with some of the world's most beautiful fireworks.

In September, October and November:

  • The Regata Storica: The ultimate Venetian festival, bringing together all generations, with its boat races and its famous historical procession.
  • The Venice Marathon
  • Saint Martin's Day
  • The Festa della Madonna della Salute: Venetians make a pilgrimage to the church of the Madonna della Salute, to pray to the Virgin Mary. For the occasion, many small traders gather around the church, offering the crowd doughnuts, roasted chestnuts, nougat and more.
  • The Venice Biennale Arte: a contemporary art event with a global scope and 53 participating countries.

Days of operation:

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