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Destination Sardinia: Why Not Choose… Olbia?

Famous for its beaches and its idyllic coves, its untamed islands, and its remote forests and hills, Sardinia is a dream destination. With its climate, its history and its culture, it is guaranteed to charm its visitors. Discover the city of Olbia, with its deep bay whose rocky cliffs form a natural port, and the Costa Smeralda known for the incomparable beauty of its coasts.

A City That Has It All

With its wild nature, its white sandy beaches and its wide range of water-based activities, Olbia is the perfect place for a holiday! Take a dip, go diving, or head out to the island of Tavolara: Olbia will show you all the charms of Sardinia.

You can make the most of your trip to explore the whole of the Costa Smeralda, with its rocky coves and sun-kissed sandy beaches, shaped by the clear waters of the Mediterranean.

But Olbia has more to offer than just sea and sand! Sardinia, which throughout its past has been ruled by various powers (Romans, Byzantines, Spanish...) has an unbelievably rich historical heritage. If you like architecture, you're in for a treat: aside from the amazing Medieval Castle of Pedres, don't miss the Punic necropolis, the Roman Basilica of San Simplicio, the walls of the old town, or the Roman baths.

Budding archaeologists will be keen to discover the many nearby archaeological sites: the holy well of "Sa Testa", the Nuraghe prehistoric tower and the Giants' tomb (vestiges from the Nuragic civilisation), and the megalithic complex of Cabu Abbas, probably one of the most impressive sites in Sardinia.


Escape the City to Discover Sardinia's Other Wonders!

Aboard the delightful "Trenino Verde" you can explore the many treasures of this island.

To the north-east, from Palau, you can access the exceptionally beautiful Maddalena archipelago with its stunning views!

In Santa Teresa Gallura, you can visit the beautiful 16th century Spanish tower which offers a sublime panorama, then admire the famous granite cliffs of Capo Testa and the Valle della Luna, just 3km away.

Posada, in the province of Nuoro, is an old Nuragic centre. Today, the Gulf of Posada, stretching over around 20km, boasts many vast sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters.

Alternatively, you can explore the sublime and untouched nature of the Gulf of Orosei, with its 14km of idyllic white sand beaches surrounded by pine woods.

Top 10 Must-Sees



The Mediaeval Castle of Pedres: a mediaeval fortress perched on a hill, offering magnificent views over the Gulf of Olbia. Visit at sunset and enjoy the breathtaking panorama!

The Tavolara Island: opposite the north-east coast of Sardinia, the Tavolara Island (Isola Tavolara) dominates the horizon with its sheer cliffs rising more than 500m above the sea.

The Basilica of San Simplicio: a remarkable Roman-style granite Basilica, built between the 11th and 12th centuries, it is one of Sardinia's most important buildings.

The Holy Well of "Sa Testa": one of the most representative archaeological monuments of Nuragic culture. Built of granite blocks, it is 17.5 m long, and its source is 17 steps underground. The beneficial effects of its thermal waters have made it a holy site.

The Nuraghe prehistoric tower: a nuraghe is a round tower in the shape of a truncated cone , mainly found in Sardinia . This megalithic structure is typical of the Nuragic civilisation , which appeared in Sardinia between 1900 and 730 BC.

The Giants' tomb: burial monument consisting of collective tombs from the Nuragic civilization . Like nuraghes , these megalithic structures are unique in continental Europe .

Cabu Abbas: one of the best preserved Nuraghes is the Nuraghe Riu Mulinu , perched on the heights of Cabu Abbas . Perfect for a day trip back in time.

Thee Arcipelago di La Maddalena National Park: the Maddalena Archipelago, which contains around sixty islands and islets, is Sardinia's first national park. Take a cruise to explore it. The little town of La Maddalena, surrounded by vast fortifications, offers beautiful views over the whole archipelago.

Porto Cervo: heart of the Costa Smeralda and Sardinia's most upmarket beach resort! Join the American Jet Set, walk around the port set up for large yachts and enjoy the charm of the sloping streets and little houses with their multicoloured balconies.

Orgosolo: in the province of Nuoro, in the inner part of the island. Surrounded by untouched nature, Orgosolo is famous for its murals, many of which are political, and which decorate all the houses of this unbelievable village.

Sardinia: A Gourmet Island!


Here, there are two major types of cuisine: the cuisine di mare (fish and seafood) on the coasts, and the cuisine di terra (meat, game, mushrooms, vegetables and fruit) inland.

Some of the key Sardinian specialities include culurgiones (a sort of ravioli garnished with potatoes and goats cheese), malloreddus (a kind of gnocchi served al dente and with a tomato sauce, meat or cheese). Make sure you try maialetto: suckling pig cooked over coals and flavoured with bay leaves.

Remember though, in Sardinia, everything is delicious: bread, pasta, meat, cheese, aromatic herbs...

Cultural Events


From February: Sardinian Carnivals : Very popular celebrations in Sardinia, the carnivals all involve a parody of a funeral procession with lamenting and hymns. One of the most popular carnivals: Sartiglia in Oristano.

May: Sant’Efisio, between Cagliari and Pula : This is the most important religious festival in Sardinia. It is also one of the longest processions in the world: it takes place over 80km between Cagliari and Pula, and lasts 4 days. During the procession, the Sardinian peasants transport the statue of Saint Ephysius on a cart pulled by cattle and magnificently adorned with flowers.

3rd Sunday in May: Cavalcata sarda (Sardinian cavalcade) in Sassari : One of the island's biggest traditional festivals. This procession evokes the visit of King Umberto II and his wife Margherita on 20 April 1899. Hundreds of horsemen and thousands of people in costume coming from all over Sardinia parade through the city. The procession is followed by the Cavalcata sarda horse race, for which over 3000 people gather in costume!

14 August: The Faradda di li Candareri in Sassari : Imported from Pisa long ago, this is the favourite celebration among the people of Sassari, who call it the Festha Manna ("great festival").

29 August: Festival of the Redemptor (Sagra del Redentore) in Nuoro : Parades in traditional dress through the city, followed by a Sardinian folkloric festival and a torch-lit procession. Over 100,000 spectators participate in this festival combining singing, dancing and gastronomy.

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